Notice Of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting Change Of Registered Office

Notice - Extra-Ordinary General Meeting Conversion Of Private Company Into Public Company

Companies Act, 1956

Sec 31    -     Alteration of articles by special resolution.

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and to the conditions contained in its memorandum, a company may, by special resolution, alter its articles:

Provided that no alteration made in the articles under this sub-section which has the effect of converting a public company into a private company, shall have effect unless such alteration has been approved by the Central Government.

(2) Any alteration so made shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be as valid as if originally contained in the articles and be subject in like manner to alteration by special resolution.

(2A) Where any alteration such as is referred to in the proviso to sub-section (1) has been approved by the Central Government, a printed copy of the articles as altered shall be filed by the company with the Registrar within one month of the date of receipt of the order of approval.

(3) The power of altering articles under this section shall, in the case of any company formed and registered under Act No. 19 of 1857 and Act No. 7 of 1860 or either of them, extend to altering any provisions in Table B annexed to Act 19 of 1857, and shall also, in the case of an unlimited company formed and registered under the said Acts or either of them, extend to altering any regulations relating to the amount of capital or its distribution into shares, notwithstanding that those regulations are contained in the memorandum

Sec 173    -     Explanatory statement to be annexed to notice.

(1) For the purposes of this section

(a) in the case of an annual general meeting, all business to be transacted at the meeting shall be deemed special, with the exemption of business relating to 

(i) the consideration of the accounts, balance sheet and the reports of the Board of directors and auditors, 

(ii) the declaration of a dividend, 

(iii) the appointment of directors in the place of those retiring, and

(iv) the appointment of, and the fixing of the remuneration of, the auditors ; and

(b) in the case of any other meeting, all business shall be deemed special.

(2) Where any items of business to be transacted at the meeting are deemed to be special as aforesaid, there shall be annexed to the notice of the meeting a statement setting out all material facts concerning each such item of business, including in particular the nature of the concern or interest, if any, therein, of every director and the manager, if any :

Provided that where any item of special business as aforesaid to be transacted at a meeting of the company relates to, or affects, any other company, the extent of shareholding interest in that other company of every director and the manager, if any, of the first-mentioned company shall also be set out in the statement if the extent of such shareholding interest is not less than twenty per cent of the paid-up share capital of that other company.

(3) Where any item of business consists of the according of approval to any document by the meeting, the time and place where the document can be inspected shall be specified in the statement aforesaid.


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