Notice Of Change Form B

For getting a better clarity over the below stated notice of change one must lay a considerable amount of stress over Rule 3 sub rule (2) Form (B )


There has been made certain divisions and one of them is the first and the foremost one which is ought to be known and that is Name and address of the establishment of which it is being talked about


Another head is also there which talks about the cognizance which is ought to be taken and this mentions all the changes which have taken place with effect from…….. in the particulars as furnished by me in the notice dated….. on Form ‘A’


Another head talks about the name of the employer, the nature of business and its location


It is a noteworthy fact that this notice is addressed to the controlling authority whosoever it shall may be


Along with all the above stated provisions the signature of the employer along with the name and designation of the employer is required

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