Licence To Manufacture, Ppossess And Sell Use Liquid Oxygen Explosives

In the document as attached above the statute which holds sheer prevalance and undisputed primacy is the "Explosives act"

The usage of the particular document as attached above is confined to that of getting "Licence To Manufacture, Possess And Sell/Use Liquid Oxygen Explosives"  and the schedule which is very relevant here is "Article 1(C) Of Sch. IV" of the aforesaid statute 

In the document as attached above there are certainconditions which must be complied with and they are as follows:-



 per year


Licence is hereby granted to

valid only for the manufacture of……………………

Kilograms of liquid oxygen Explosives at any and possess, sell/use the same at the premises described below subject to the provisions of the Explosives Act, 1884 as amended from time to time and the rules framed thereunder and th conditions of this licence.

This licence shall remain valid till 31st day of March, 19………………………

The licence is liable to be suspended or revoked for any of the violation o the Act or Rules framed thereunder or the conditions of this licence or if the licensed premises are not found conforming to the description shown in the attached plan.

Also there must be furnishing of "Description of the Licensed Premises" and in it there are certain conditions which shall be imposed and they are as follows:-

The explosives shall be manufactured only in the premises licensed for the purpose as shown in the plan attached hereto

The manufacturing premises shall maintain at all times the safe distances prescribed in additional condition No

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