Licence To Manufacture Explosives

Form 20  Rule 155 [Article 1 (A)-4d) Of Sch. IV] Licence To Manufacture Explosives

155. Grant of licence.— (1) (a) Licence may be granted by the authorities specified in column (4) of Schedule IV in the Form specified in column (2) for the purpose specified in column (3) thereof on payment of fees specified under these rules:

 no new licence in Forms 20,21 and 22 shall be granted unless the provisions of rule 156 have been complied with: Provided further that the licensing authority may waive all or any of the provisions of rule 156, the premises proposed to be licensed is within the factory licensed under these rules for manufacture of explosives and the required safety distances are under the control of applicant; (ii) the premises for which the new licence is required are situated within the same survey number, in which the applicant has an existing premises and a current valid licence for the same and the required safety distances are available within the safety distance of such existing premises. (b) No licence for manufacture of explosives other than liquid oxygen explosives shall be granted or renewed to a person for his factory not registered under the Factories Act, 1948 (63 of 1948) unless he executes a bond in Form 19 in favour of the President of India indemnifying person injured or dependants of deceased workers in the event of an accident in the factory [and amount of RS 10,000 for factories manufacturing up to 15 kg of gunpowder or fireworks at any one time], an amount of Rs.25, 000 for factories manufacturing up to 200 kgs. of gunpowder or fire works at any one time and Rs.50,000 in every other case:

Procedure to be observed before a licence in Form 20, 21 or 22 is granted.- A licensing authority on receipt of application and the particulars is provided under subrule (3) or (4) of rule 154 shall scrutinise the documents and forward to the applicant a statement showing the distances in Form 17 which should in his opinion be kept clear in and around the factory or magazine premises or any part thereof and from other building and works. On receipt of the statement the applicant shall enter the exact distance which can actually be so kept clear, shall sign the statement and shall return it together with any representation which he may desire to make to the licensing authority.

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