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List of Copyright & Intellectual Property in India

Copyright and intellectual property in India

Copyright and Intellectual property is a blanket term that covers all the security features of the original creations and the rights of their creator. This law usually gives the creator an exclusive right over the use of his/her creation in any way for a certain period of time.

Some IP rights are pre-programmed, some needs to be registered. The criterion behind the establishment of this law is very similar, however, to ensure that a creation should not be duplicated or utilized without the consent of the creator and to secure the financial rights of the creator. The "property" itself can be as differed as the routes in which it can be secured and incorporates things like: plans, trademarks, writing, movies, innovations and so on. For most of the time, this "Property" must be in a settled or solid frame. An exception is the planning and hypothesis of a creation, this can be ensured as long as it has not yet been discharged to people in general, is recorded somehow and satisfies the other criteria for Patenting.

The registered IPR consist Patents, Registered Design, and Trademarks, while unregistered IPR consists Copyright, Design Rights, and Performance Rights.


Copyright is additionally a kind of IPR (Intellectual Property Right), which also acts as a safeguard of originality. It legally approves the fair use and restoration of the original creation. Anything written, recorded or printed in any pattern, on any manual or electronic medium, is a subject to copyright law from the moment of its foundation. Copyright law secures the rights of the creator and publisher of the creation, which incorporates:

  1. Books
  2. Films
  3. Sound recording
  4. Newspaper and Journal article
  5. Dramatic works
  6. Photographs
  7. Computer programs