Form Of Return To Be Submitted By A Notary

This document deals with the form of return to be submitted by notary stating the particular of the notarial acts done during the year. Section 14 in The Notaries Rules, 1956 states the submission of returns which means that every notary shall, in the first week of January every year, submit to the appropriate Government, an annual return in Form XIV of the notarial acts done by him during the preceding year. The form must bear the type of work with name of cases and fee charged. A notary is a publicly commissioned official, also referred to as a "notary public." Notaries are also used to create a trustworthy environment for strangers. Prior to the signing of a document, notaries ask for photo identification from parties involved to verify identity and see signatures ahead of time. A notary can refuse to authenticate a document if he is uncertain of the identity of the signing parties or suspects fraudThen they are required to submit their annual return to the Government of all the notary acts. 

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Ravindra Shankarrao Supare   23 May 2020 8:56pm
Sir, I want to have Form XIV for submission of notarial work done by notary in preceeding. I have just received certificate to practice as notary in the month January 2020. But, I am keen to know the said format. Please kindly do the needful.
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