Form Of Official Passport

Form P-2

Form Of Official Passport

Official Passport


This form is pertaining to the Official Passport in the name of in the name of the President of the Republic of India all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance, and to afford him or her every assistance and protection of which he or she may stand in need.

It requires:


1.     Passport Number

2.     Name

3.     National Status

4.     Description which includes sex, profession, domicile, height, colour of eyes, hair along with name of father/husband including the permanent address, Particulars of relative/friend to be intimated in event of death or accident, such as name ,address, relationship and telephone number.

5.     Place of birth,Date of birth,Visible distinguishing marks and photograph along with signature.

6.     The passport is also to mention the validity for trvael in the stated countries and also to state the date of expiry.


  • ·      An Official Passport will automatically cease to be valid if the person to whom it was issued ceases to exercise the function that rendered him eligible to receive an Official Passport. In such an event an Official Passport will have to be surrendered to the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, or to an Indian Mission empowered to issue-passports to Indians abroad.
  • ·      This passport is available for travel only to the countries specified on page 4, but may be endorsed for additional countries. The possession of a passport so endorsed does not exempt the holder from compliance with any immigration laws in force in any country or from the necessity of obtaining a visa where required.
  • ·      A passport can be revalidated at any time after the expiry of its existing validity but within its total life after which a fresh passport must be obtained.
  • ·      Passport should not be sent out of any country by post.


  • ·      This passport is a valuable document. It is the property of the Government of India. It should be in the custody either of the holder or of a person authorised by the holder. It should not be allowed to pass into the possession of any unauthorised person. If lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the nearest passport authority in India or (if the holder is abroad) to the nearest Indian Mission and to the local police.
  • ·      This passport must not be altered or mutilated in any way nor any endorsement made on it by any person other than a duly authorised official.
  • ·      This passport may be impounded or revoked at the discretion of the Government of India under the provisions of the Passports Act, 1967, in which event the holder must surrender the passport to the nearest passport authority.
  • ·      The passport is a sure means of establishing the holder’s identity and should therefore, be carried personally.
  • ·      Any communication received by the holder from the passport authority regarding this passport should be complied with immediately.

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