Form Of India-Bangladesh Passport For Travel Between Bangladesh And India (Front Cover)

The statute as used herein the document as attached is that of the "International law" which throughout holds principle importance but it is also a noteworthy fact that there is some amount of involvement of the constitutional law also 

In this document as attached which comes as a "form" and that is  about Form for travelling between "India and Bangladesh" and the document is made in the name of the president of India as to the stated date

It also attached with it an emblem of the state. This form would allow the applicant to freely travel between India and Bangladesh without any hinderace being posed to them and with every assistance as possible which can be rendered to the Individual

In this form details such as the passport number along with the name of the bearer shall be attached therein and also details of vital importance such as the permanent address along with the profession of the individual and also he has to mention

There has also been provided a set of instructions which can be summarised as follows:-

. This passport is the property of the Government of India, and may at the discretion of that Government, at any time, be revoked, and where the passport is so revoked, it shall be lawful for that Government to retain its possession if it is in its possession and to recover its possession if it is not in its possession.

2. In case of loss of this passport, that fact and the circumstances leading to the loss must be reported immediately to the issuing authority and the nearest police station or, if loss occurs while in Bangladesh, to the nearest Indian Diplomatic Mission and the local police.

3. This passport must not be altered or mutilated in any way nor any endorsement made on it by any person other than duly authorised official


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