Form Of Account To Be Maintained By A Licensee Accounts Of Explosives Manufactured

Form Of Account To Be Maintained By A Licensee Account Of Explosives Transported By Road Van

PART IV Transport by road under the explosive rule Licence for road vans.—No person shall transport or cause to be transported any explosives in a road van unless such vehicle is licensed under these rules to carry explosives.

Restriction on transport of explosives by vehicles other than road vans.— (1) No explosive shall be transported by any carriage which is not a road van: Provided that any explosive may be transported by any carriage, which is not a road, van if the distance from the place of loading to the place of destination does not exceed 10 km. And the following conditions are complied with:(a) the transport of explosives is restricted to the period between sunrise and sunset; (b) the explosives are accompanied by at least two able-bodied guards; (c) a red flag is displayed on each cart; (d) the packages containing explosives are suitably covered by a tarpaulin, and secured. (2) Nothing in sub-rule(1) shall apply to transport of safety fuse or fireworks.

FORM 25 (See Rule 155) [Article 9 of Schedule IV) LICENCE FOR ROAD VAN  


condition no. (13) The licensee shall maintain account of explosives transported in Form 35 and present the same on demand by an inspecting officer. 

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