Form-II Dock Labour Board

Form-II Dock Labour Board Form Of Assets Register      Account…………For The Year Ending On 31st March

under the dock worker regulation employment rules 1962 

“Act” means the Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act. 1948 (9 of 1948);

        “Board” means a Dock Labour Board established under section 5A

 rule 9 Maintenance of accounts of the Board. -The annual statement of accounts shall be prepared in forms I to IV appended to these rules.

rule 3 Constitution of the Board. -


(1)       Each Board shall consist of not less than nine members and shall include an equal number of members representing-


(i)        The Central Government;


(ii)       The Dock Workers; and


(iii)      The employers of dock workers and shipping companies.


(2)       The Chairman of the Board shall be nominated by the Central Government from among the members representing the Government and there shall be a whole-time Deputy Chairman appointed by the Central Government in the ports of Bombay, Calcutta, Cochin, Madras, Mormugao and Visahakhapatnam on such terms and conditions as the Central Government may determine.

 (3)    (a)      The members representing the dock workers shall be appointed on the basis of the representative character of the unions of dock workers, as determined by the latest available figures of membership of unions of dock workers as verified by the Ministry of Labour.



(b)       The members representing the employees of dock workers shall be appointed, in Consultation with the Dissociations of employers of' dock workers, taken into account the total quantum of' cargo handled by the employers of' dock workers in the said association.


(c)       The members representing, the shipping companies shall be appointed from amongst the persons nominated by the Indian National Ship owners Association, the Association of Shipping Interests in Calcutta and the overseas shipping interests, in consultation with the Director-General of Shipping, Bombay.]


(4)       No act or proceeding, of the Board shall be invalid merely on the ground of the existence of any vacancy in, of defect in the constitution of, the Board. 

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