Form 4 Certificate of Membership

Form 4 Certificate of Membership

Certificate of Membership

Members to be known as Chartered Accountants [Every member of the Institute in practice shall, and any other member may, use the designation of a chartered accountant and no member using such designation shall use any other description, whether in addition thereto or in substitution therefor:] Provided that nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to prohibit any such person from adding any other description or letters to his name, if entitled thereto, to indicate membership of such other Institute of accountancy, whether in India or elsewhere, as may be recognised in this behalf by the Council, or any other qualification that he may possess, or to prohibit a firm, all the partners of which are members of the Institute and in practice, from being known by its firm name as Chartered Accountants.

REGISTER OF MEMBERS 19. Register. (1) The Council shall maintain, in the prescribed manner, a Register of the Members of the Institute. (2) The Register shall include the following particulars about every member of the Institute, namely:- (a) his full name, date of birth, domicile, residential and professional address; 15 (b) the date on which his name is entered in the Register; (c) his qualifications; (d) whether he holds a certificate of practice; and (e) any other particulars which may be prescribed. [(3) The Council shall cause to be published in such manner as may be prescribed, a list of members of the Institute as on the 1st day of April of each year, and shall, if requested to do so by any such member, send to him a copy of such list [on payment of such amount as may be prescribed].] [(4) Every member of the Institute shall, on his name being entered in the Register, pay such annual membership fee as may be determined, by notification, by the Council, which shall not exceed rupees five thousand: Provided that the Council may with the prior approval of the Central Government, determine the fee exceeding rupees five thousand, which shall not in any case exceed rupees ten thousand.]

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