Customs Declaration Form

In the document as attached above the statute holding sheer relevance and importance is "Transportation Of Goods (Through Foreign Territory) Regulations, 1965"

The usage of the document is confined to that of declaring the customs form

There are certain conditions attached to it:-

The packages in which they are contained or any of them differ from the description given in the said Annexure or in the forwarding note; or

The contents thereof have been wrongly described in the said An-nexure or in the forwarding note as regards the denominations, characters or conditions according to which such goods are charge-able with duty, or are being imported or exported; or

The contents of such packages or any of them have been incorrectly mentioned in regard to sort, quality, quantity or value; or

Goods not mentioned in the said Annexure or in the forwarding note have been concealed in or mixed with the articles specified therein or have apparently been packed so as to deceive the officers of the cus-toms, and such circumstances or any of them is not accounted for to the satisfaction of the #[Commissioner of Customs], or in case the said goods or any part thereof being subject to export duty or any re-strictions under the Imports and Exports (Control) Act, 1947 (18 of 1947) or the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act, 1947 (7 of 1947), have been lost while in transit over any foreign territory.

There is also attached an annexure which is as follows:-

arks on and description of packages

Description of go

Weight, quantity or number

Value of the g

Customs station of re-entry

Customs station of entry

I/We hereby declare the above particulars to be true.

Signature of Consignor or his authorised agent.

Legal Process Outsourcing This Document

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