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Documents Required to File a Complaint in Consumer Court of India

  1. 1.IT Update 18th May 2016 Indian Consumer Courts  Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies have been established under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.  The Consumer has to follow certain fixed processes when he is filing a complaint the Consumer Court.  The consumer is required to submit a set of documents while filing his complaint. This presentation shall cover the documents that are required to be submitted while filing a complaint with the Indian Consumer Courts.
  2. 2IT Update 18th May 2016 Prerequisite • Approaching a Consumer Court is relatively easy with minimal procedures • These procedures are suggested but not required • Before approaching the Consumer Court, it is important to first give a notice to the service provider or manufacturer against whom the complaint is intended regarding the deficiency of service or unfair practice and provide them an opportunity to rectify the deficiency.
  3. 3IT Update 18th May 2016 List of Documents Required For filing your complaint, you would require to submit an application pack comprising the documents listed below: • Application pack before the Consumer Court containing an index page • Vakalatnama / Letter of authority (In case any one else is representing your case) • Application for condoning of the delay (In case of delay in submission) • Copies of documents related to the case • Copies of notices sent to the manufacturer, vendor or service provider • Copies of the complaint (Recommended with 5 copies with additional copies for each opposite party)
  4. 4IT Update 18th May 2016 • Your application pack before the Consumer Court should have an index page mentioning the title and page number for each document in the pack. Application Pack
  5. 5IT Update 18th May 2016 Vakalatnama/ Letter of Authority • While you can always present your case in person, if you choose to engage an advocate to appear on your behalf you have to enclose a Vakalatnama. • If you choose to authorise a close relative to represent you during the proceedings, you will have to enclose a letter of authority. • Apart from the assistance of an advocate or a close relative, you will not be ordinarily allowed to engage the services any other person to represent you.
  6. 6IT Update 18th May 2016 • In case of delay in submission of the Complaint, an application for condoning of the delay explaining specific and valid reasons would have to be enclosed. Application for condoning of the delay
  7. 7IT Update 18th May 2016 • Copies of documents relied upon in support of your application should be an essential part of your pack. The details of documentary evidence will depend on the precise nature of the product or service involved. Copies of documents related to the case
  8. 8IT Update 18th May 2016 • Copies of notices sent to the manufacturer, vendor or service provider should invariably be enclosed. Copies of notices
  9. 9IT Update 18th May 2016 • The Complaint or the application before the Consumer Forum detailing the grievance should be in narrative style and laid out in chronological order. General Guidelines
  10. 10.. IT Update 18th May 2016 • The complaint should provide details of the deficiency and the ground on which relief is claimed, the specific relief (including legal costs, damages and interest) claimed and list of documentary and other evidence in support of the application. • The submissions should be factual and logical avoiding exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims and allegations. • Please ensure that the application is duly signed. General Guidelines
  11. 11. IT Update 18th May 2016 • A verification form which is essentially a solemn affirmation that the contents of your application are true and correct. General Guidelines
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CONSUMER COMPLAINT NO. ___________ OF _______


LML, Son of _______, of ____ years,

Indian Inhabitant, Residing at ______

Carrying on __________ business. ..COMPLAINANT


PQR Ltd. having its registered office

at ___________________ ..OPPOSITE PARTY



1.     That the complainant purchased a fax machine bearing model No. ________ from ___________ Company Lt. on ___ of 2002 for a sum of Rs. ___________.

2.     That on _______ date the fax machine was delivered to the complainant and a receipt bearing No ________ for the payment was given by __________.

3.     That the fax machine thereafter developed certain fault for which repeated complaints were made to the opposite party. However, the opposite party made no effort to rectify the said faults.

4.     That on _________ date a written complaint was delivered at the office of the opposite party, in spite of which, the opposite party did not send any service engineer to rectify the faults. A true copy of the said complaint is annexed hereto as Annexure-''A''

5.     That due to the negligent acts of the opposite party the complainant has suffered loss and injury due to deprivation, harassment, mental agony and loss of professional practice, for which he is entitled to compensation.

6.     That the fax machine has a warranty for a period of _____ years.

7.     That the opposite party is liable for breach of contact as it has not complied with the terms of the guarantee and have acted extremely negligently in attending to the complaint of the complainant and is therefore liable to compensate the complainant for the loss and injury caused to him.

8.     That the cause of action arose on _______ date when the fax machine developed certain faults as mentioned above. The cause of action further arose on _______ date, when a written complaint was filed by the complainant.

9.     That for the purposes of section 11 of the Act, compensation claimed by the complainant is below Rs. __________/- so this forum has jurisdiction to determine and adjudicate this dispute.

10.  That the complainant is a consumer as defined under the act.


In the above mentioned facts and circumstances it is most respectfully prayed that the Hon''ble Forum may be pleased to:

a.     Order the opposite party to pay Rs. ________ as compensation and Rs. _____________ as costs;

b.    Pass any other such order, as this Hon''ble Forum may deem fit and proper in the interests of justice.






I ______________Son of _______________ Residing at _______________ do hereby solemnly affirm and state that the contents and particulars of the complaint stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and no part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed therein.

Verified at __________ on ___ day of __________ 2002.


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