Bill Of Entry For Ex-Bond Clearance

In the docuemnt as attached above the staute holding sheer relevance is that of Bill of Entry Regulations. 1976

The usage is confined to that of filling a bill for entry of ex bond clerance

The contents are as follows:-

Port Code 

S = Sea

A = Air

L = Land 

Prior Entry Stamp 

Import Dept. S. No.and Date 

Customs House Agent Code 

1[Importer Code& BIN] 

1[Importer's Name and Address, whether Govt. or Private] 


Vessel's Name 

Rotation No. 

and Date  Line Number 

Port of Shipment 

Country of Origin and Code 

Country of Consignment (if different) and Code 

Bill of Lading Date 

No.       and Description

Marks and Numbers


Serial No.


Unit Code


Weight/ Volume Number etc.

Goods Description

Customs Tariff heading

Nature of    duty code


Assessable     Value Under   Section   14 Customs Act, 1962 (Rs.)



RATE Basic


.E.T. Item


[MRP per unit, if any


Amount of abate-ment,   if any

Value for the purpose of Section 3 of Customs Tariff Act, 1975

RATE Basic




TOTAL  DUTY (Column  11   + Column 15)


After all the stated content being an inseparable part of the document, the document is completed

Legal Process Outsourcing This Document

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