Agreement Of Paying Guest

Agreement Of Paying Guest

paying guest is a person who pays to stay with someone in their home, usually for a short time.

agreement of paying guest between the person in house guest stays and who stays 


1)         The Owner hereby agrees to permit the Paying Guest to use One cot (Bedroom) in the aforesaid Premises being, together with the use of the W.C. and bathroom, on paying guest basis

The Owner may allot to the Paying Guest any of the cot (bedrooms) in the said Flat for the use of the Paying Guest and the Owner may change the allocation at any time during the tendency of the Agreement.

6)         The Paying Guest hereby specifically confirm and agree that the has no right whatsoever to the said premises nor shall claim to be tenant/subtenant or licensees nor shall claim any other right whatsoever in or to the said premises.

7)         It is clearly agreed and understood that the paying Guest have not been given any key to the entrance door of the Flat nor even to the room that is allocated to him for his temporary use from time to time.

8)         The Paying Guest may use the passages in the Flat for access to the room and may use the Kitchen for making his own tea only provided that no disturbance whatsoever is caused to the use of the kitchen and passages and other portions of the flat by the Owner and his servants and others.

9)         The Paying Guest shall not cause any disturbance at any time and may permit guests or any outsider to enter the flat only with the permission of the Owner.

10)       In the event that the Paying Guest misuse any of the facilities in the flat or causes any disturbance or delays in making payment of the Paying Guest Charges, this Agreement shall stand terminated forthwith and it is hereby specifically agreed and confirmed that the Owner shall be entitled to enter the room allocated to the Paying Guest for the time being and to remove all the belongings of the Paying Guest and dispose of them.

11)       This Agreement shall stand terminated immediately upon the expiry of the period mentioned hereinabove.

12)       The Paying Guest shall be responsible for any damage caused by them or by any other outsider who has entered the Flat through them to the said Flat and to any of the furniture, fixtures and equipment therein, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

 these are the term on which the agreement takes place 

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