Affidavit For Substitution Of Karta

In the Court of_______________
Civil Miscellaneous Application No__________ of 2000 _________
Original Suit No ________ of 2000_______
Mr K.T__________________                                     Plaintiff
1. Mr ________________________                           Defendants
2. Mr ________________________
AFFIDAVIT of Mr. _______, S/o _______ aged __________ years, resident of _____________ .
I, the above-named deponent, most solemnly affirm and state as follows:
1. That I am the son of the plaintiff and am acquainted with the facts deposed to below.
2. That the above-mentioned suit was filed by Mr. _______, the above-mentioned plaintiff, in his capacity as Karta of his Joint Hindu Family.
3. That the said Plaintiff ________Mr _______ died on __________ leaving the following surviving members of the Family:
(i) Mr ___ (Son of Plaintif)
(ii) Mr __ (Son of Plaintif)
4. That after the death of the deceased the members mentioned in paragraph 3 above, continue to constitute a Joint Hindu Family and I, being the eldest member of the Family, am now the Karta of the Family.
5. That I am ready and willing to prosecute the suit in place of the late Mr ______.
I, the above-named deponent, verify that the contents of paragraphs 1 to 5 of this affidavit are true to my personal knowledge.
Solemnly affirmed before me on this _____day of ______, 2000 ____ at _____(time) by the deponent.
(Oath Commissioner)

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