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Link Document to My Profile

All documents that are free for download can be linked by the users to their respective profiles. There is no limit to the numbers of documents that registered users can link to their profile.

When a guest user or a registered user opens/views a particular document, the list of the lawyers who are linked to that particular document will also be displayed along with the document. This feature will do both - enhance the visibility of the lawyer on .com, and also increase the chances of search on Google and other search engines.

  • Registered user can mark any amount of content as bookmark
  • The content marked as bookmark is available to the registered user for future reference at all times
  • Bookmarked content can be used by a lawyer in a particular case or in giving a consultation to a client and can also insert the link from bookmarks into the consultation for reference, for the client
  • By inserting the bookmarked link, the lawyer does not have to reproduce the document again and can simply paste the link. This saves time and effort and helps becoming more efficient in practice


Bookmarks are a feature available to the registered users. A registered user can mark any content as bookmark as far as as it's amongst the bookmark icon. The content marked by a registered user as bookmark will be displayed under the bookmark section on the dashboard.

  • The registered user can comment on the linked documents linked to their profile and therefore increase the visibility on and simultaneously on Google
  • In a search engine, for example on Google, if a particular document is searched and a user opens a document from a search engine on , their Google ranking also increases simultaneously
  • A guest user or a registered user viewing a particular document will see the name of the linked lawyer and therefore the chances of viewing the profile of the lawyer's increases many fold
  • Because of increased profile views and simultaneous appearance of the name in Google along with the document, this exponentially increases the chances of getting more clients and therefore leading to an increase in practice

Quick Links

Quick links are used as advantageously, beneficially, for several purposes. There are divided into 4 categories under quick links which are cause lists, case status, daily orders and judgments for Supreme Court, all High Courts and all district courts.


Need a legal opinion, looking for a lawyer to represent your case, require a legitimate consultation for your lawsuit? Look no further... Welcome to ListMyCase©!

The Platform allows you to list your case requirements, for free with no prior pre-registration, and provides access to lawyers to review them. You can write a synopsis of your legal matter, give a brief requirement on what you expect in the judgment and upload documents & files relevant to the case. We understand that your privacy and confidentiality is of prime importance, hence the Platform has a provision wherein you can list your case anonymously and provide minimum basic contact information. Lawyers relevant to the practice get notified on new case requirements on real time basis. Any lawyer interested to take up your matter will contact you, directly, by e-mail or mobile as per your choice.

So go ahead, and list your case - without any fear!

How It Works:
  • List your case©
    • Fill all the relevant contact details
    • Select the relevant practice area under the topic section
    • Describe the complete history behind your Case/Situation
    • You can view your case in Listed Case
    NOTE: We shall not share your contact details unless you want to share with any lawyer.
  • Notification will be sent
    • Once the case is listed by you, you will be notified by e-mail and sms
    • We shall also notify all the lawyers and law firms related to their practice area relevant to your case
  • When there is any interest shown by any lawyer to your case, we will again notify you by email and SMS
  • Once you get the full contact details and names of the Lawyer/Lawyers who will be interested in your case, you can explore their complete details on our website like practice area, year of experience etc. and contact them accordingly
  • You can edit your case details any time by authenticating yourself by providing your email id and mobile number
  • Once you select the lawyer, we shall notify him/her and your case will be shown as closed

Resource Centre

Resource centre is one stop destination for users who are seeking for latest updates and information related to the law. takes the privilege to bring every single legal resource to your knowledge in a hassle free way. Legal Content in resource centre to help you understand your case, legal requirements. More than 3000 Documents are available for Reading and Download which are listed in below categories:

  • Legal documents - Legal Drafts, Forms, Affidavits, Pleadings, Deeds etc.
  • Acts and Amendments
  • Noteworthy orders
  • Legal Procedures
  • Legal News
  • Legal Words and meanings
  • The Constitution Of India
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