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A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM, a network of legal professional across the globe having its origin at New Delhi. It has felt its presence not only at International platforms but in India as well. It has received encouragement from its foreign clients including Multi-National Companies for assisting them to successfully set up in Indian ambience.

Having its one of the vital Legal Process Outsourcing unit working on all provided legal issues generating abroad which are being resolved with its indigenous legal team round the clock that has excellence being experienced players.

A N Global Law provides the highest quality legal representation for international commercial arbitrations, investor-State arbitrations and international construction disputes etc.. It provides arbitration legal representation for international disputes on all continents and has an excellent track record. Its goal is to offer the best value in the field of international arbitration legal representation and endeavours to resolve each dispute in our clients’ favour. It has an outstanding track record with more reasonable fees that are designed to offer the best value for high-quality arbitration before the Arbitral Tribunals. We provide legal representation for ICC, ICSID, LCIA, ICDR, DIAC, HKIAC, SIAC, SCC, PCA and ad hoc (typically UNCITRAL) arbitrations. We deal the legal matters with:

·       Excellence in legal analysis;

·       Mastery of all procedural techniques used in international arbitration and mediation;

·       Integrity, rigour and fierce legal representation;

·       Swift decision making to assist the clients.


A N Global Law serves its clients hand-in-hand, allowing them to play as significant a role in the resolution of their dispute as they desire in the given circumstances. We also take the highly skilled indigenous services of native law firms frequently to collaborate to keep close watch on the procedural techniques and procedure to serve our clients in best possible manner.





Appearances in All Courts of India: A N GLOBAL LAW has appearances through its lawyers in almost all the courts of India including the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, High Court of Nainital, High Court of Punjab & Haryana, High Court of Gwalior, Shimla High Court, Jaipur High Court etc., District Courts of Delhi at Tis Hazari, Patiala House Courts, Dwarka Court, Rohini Court Complex, Karkardooma Courts, Consumer Courts, MRTP Commission, CLB, ITAT, all Tribunals and other Legal Forums of the India practicing and dealing with matters including all types of Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Service, Writs, Labour, Service, Dispute Resolution including Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation and Matrimonial etc. and As a professional law firm, the firm assists clients entering the Indian market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategy and tax efficient structure. The firm specializes in Joint ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Technology transfers, Trademark, Copyright & Designs, Mergers and Acquisitions, Information Technology, Capital Market Transactions, Project Finance, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Laws

Alternative Disputes Resolution: A N GLOBAL LAW wherever possible, tries its best to settle all dispute including all types of Civil, Criminal, Corporate, Commercial, Service, Writs, Labour, Service, Dispute Resolution including Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation and Matrimonial etc. to be settled by way of Mediation, Settlement, Discussion and Negotiation so as to discourage the excess litigation out of the Court. “A N GLOBAL LAW FIRM” has a long story of success in resolving disputes by adopting this method and approach.

Legal Documentation Drafting and Consulting: A N GLOBAL LAW assists its clients and provide best advice in drafting all the legal documents including Suits, Petitions, Legal Notices, Consumer Complaints, Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding,  Partnership Deed, Joint Venture Agreements, Applications,  Bonds,  Wills, Letter of Intents, Declarations, Warranty Deeds, Power of Attorneys etc..

Consumer Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW has excellent lawyers to deal all consumer disputes covered under the Consumer Protection Act and the Monopolies Restrictive Trade Practices Act, including litigation in Consumer Forums, State and National Commission, MRTP Commission in matters relating to deficiency in services, product defects, misleading advertisements etc..

Civil Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals all Civil disputes including matters relating to Damages, Compensation, Suits for Recovery of money, Suits for Damages for wrongful termination, Civil Suits for legal injury and damages under Law of Contracts and law of Torts etc..

Matrimonial Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with all disputes relating to Matrimonial Laws, Succession Laws such as divorce, maintenance, adoption, child custody etc., and tries its best to resolve all dispute keeping in mind the welfare of the society and humanity and always tries to save the matrimonial home. It always with various mediation, counselling and human approach tries not to go for the last resort for filing and getting the divorce.

Negotiable Instruments and Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with all kind of disputes arising out of Negotiable Instruments i.e. dishonor of cheques under section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, Recovery and other related matters including drafting of various banking documents such as loan agreements, lease deeds, overdraft agreements, affidavits, denying receipt of notice of dishonour of cheques, Bank Guarantee etc. and provides excellent services to all the banks and financial institutions.

Corporate and Commercial Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with all type of commercial matters including corporate and commercial disputes and drafting of various agreements and contracts, MOU’s etc relating to all aspects of corporate and commercial laws such as commercial contracts, agency, supply of equipments, research and development agreements, Franchise Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements etc..

Movable and Immovable Properties: A N GLOBAL LAW has excellent lawyers for litigation relating to recovery of property, possession, specific performance of agreements, declaration and injunction relating to various circumstances. It also deals with drafting and vetting of sale documents, power of attorneys, lease deeds, Building contracts, Rent Agreements,  building agreements, suits for eviction, notices, agreement for labour work, simple mortgage deeds, Gift Deeds, Hypothecation Deeds etc..

Labour Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW handles the disputes relating to labour matters under the industrial Disputes Act, Factory Act, Trade Union, illegal termination matters, Workmen’s Compensation matters etc. is carried out regularly.

Service Matters: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with the matter related to service related matters before the industrial Tribunals, High Courts and Before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Environmental Laws: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with matters pertaining to environmental laws including advice and opinions on issues under the Wildlife Act, Water Act, Air Act, Environmental Protection Act and also matters covered under various International Environmental legislations.

Intellectual Property: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with the matters pertaining to Patents and Trade Marks and disputes arising therefrom relating to protection of designs, trademarks, patents etc,.

Cyber Crimes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with disputes arising out of Information Technology Laws relating to confidential information, Computer Hacking, Email Threats, non competition, software development agreements, agreements for sale of technical knowhow, etc..

Taxation Disputes: A N GLOBAL LAW deals with representation before officers at ITO in various tax related matters and litigation at ITAT in tax matters and also provide Consultation and drafting of opinions relating to tax based queries.

Public Interest Litigation: A N GLOBAL LAW, wherever feels necessary for the public interest, always come forward to file the Public Interest Litigation in High Courts and the Supreme Court of India based on various issues such as environment, public welfare, education, quality of life and living etc. and all other vital issues of public interest.


  • New Delhi, India
  • New Delhi, India

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