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  • amit
    01-07-2016 Rape, Criminal, Family
    Rape under False Promise of Marriage
    Everyday large numbers of rape cases are being registered in the country. But majority of these cases are Rape under false promise of marriage. So before I move further with my write up let me explain you what exactly Rape…
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  • amit
    25-07-2016 stealing, misconduct
    What Legal measures you can take to stop your employee from stealing clients
    In this competitive world where you see so many new companies are coming up, you will find good competition too. This competition leads to rivalry, enemies, opponents etc. If your organization is doing well then everybody want to steal potential…
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  • amit
    14-12-2016 New Rs 500, Rs 2,000 currency notes, Demonetisation, Radioactive Ink
    New Rs 500, Rs 2,000 currency notes: Radioactive ink theory goes viral, netizens baffled
    As the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have not deemed it fit to clarify anything as such officially, it can safely be assumed that this is merely speculation. After rumors of GPS chip embedded in…
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