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The “AGRIM LAW CLASSES” is an outcome of the inner consciousness of the every single human being, concerned about the present education system and diminishing human values in 21st century! We at Agrims’ do not claim to be the world’s or of the Nation’s largest or No.1 Institution stepping ahead to shape the future of the budding minds of learners, but we hereby ensure the dedicated efforts, genuine approach and honest guidance to the learners by imparting the actual knowledge and developing constructive mind set of the learner!!! We ensure to impart the requisite knowledge of law for the learners, keeping in mind all the present and future prospects. Our approach is knowledge oriented and emphasizes upon understanding the basics of law to strive towards supplementing reforms in legal field. We at Agrims’ aim to groom learners to be the unified face of our legal fraternity, to produce knowledge disseminators and to produce individuals who are the torchbearers of the reformed legal system of the nation. Efforts are directed towards producing an intellect that believes in reform rather than punishment and has the potential to lead the generations towards justice, integrity and dignity in an unfailing manner.


Overview of Judicial…


1.      When to prepare?

2.      Who can apply?

3.      How to prepare?

4.      What is the Syllabus?

5.      What is our approach?


When to prepare

1.      At the time of pursuing law

2.      After completion the course

3.      If you are practicing

Note- but the best option to prepare for Judiciary is the first one. Because the syllabus is not different for Judiciary…


What is the eligibility criterion?

1.      Candidates must be Indian citizen.

2.      They must have a degree in law from a recognized university/institute.

3.      The age of the candidates must be between 22 years and 35 years but in some of the States age is different.

4.      Candidates of the reserved category will get the reservation and relaxation

5.      The age relaxation for SC/ST category will be of 5 years.

6.      The age relaxation for the candidates of OBC category will be 3 years.


How to prepare?

1.      Be focused

2.      Prepare Time Table

3.      Prepare your own notes

4.      Highlighting important points

5.      List out the Points

6.      Study Systematically and Selectively

7.      Give mock Tests

8.      Use flow charts and diagrams

What is the syllabus?

1.      Give 45 mines. to G.K., G.S. and Language compulsory

2.      Organize your study space

3.      Practice old exams

4.      Explain your answers to others

5.      Prepare Drawings or Diagram

6.      Repetition

7.      Practice


Stages of the exams?

1.      Preliminary exam

2.      Mains exam

3.      Viva-Voice

Note- syllabus is not very much different in every state except Local laws and languages


Common subjects for all the States

1.      Indian Penal Code

2.      Criminal Procedure Code

3.      Civil Procedure Code

4.      Evidence Act

5.      The Indian Contract Act

6.      The Indian Constitution

7.      These are the most important Subjects for all the State which should be covered on the primary basis


Secondary Subjects

1.      Hindu law

2.      Muslim law

3.      Transfer of property Act

4.      Jurisprudence

5.      Limitation Act

6.      Sales of Goods Act

7.      Partnership Act

8.      Specific Relief Act

Note- These all above subjects are secondary subjects which should be covered if you are going to prepare for various States

Purpose to start Online Classes and approach towards the Judiciary preparation

1.      Most of the Law students attend regular college and many of them also takes coaching just from anybody, which proves to be completely useless for Judiciary Exams.

2.      Most of the students are not having any foundation at all,

3.      Most of the students are tired of memorizing as they have not understood any concept at all,

4.      Most of the students spent their life-time in trying to memorize the names of Leading Cases and Judgments, Bare Acts, whereas, they have not understood anything.


1.      Considering all this, 'Judicial Classes' came up with the idea of “Study IQ Recorded Video Lectures", World's most advanced method to study Law and prepare for Judiciary Exams.

2.      Recorded Video Lectures is suitable and beneficial for all types of Judicial Services Examinations of all States of India. Master Program by NJ is suitable for Judicial Services Examinations, Higher Judicial Services Examinations, Additional District Judge Examinations, Civil Judge Junior Division Exams, Superior Judicial Services exams, Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam, Judicial Services Grade 1 Exam, Judicial Services Grade 3 Exams, Assistant Public Prosecutor, Assistant Prosecuting Officer.

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