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List of Family Law Legal Procedures in India

Family Law in India

Family law incorporates familial disputes which include divorce, custody of infant, domestic violence, adoption, surrogacy, civil unions, property settlement, Juvenile adjudicating, paternity testing and fraud and child support.

Rules of family law for various cases

Family law is the set of rules that govern the domestic issues. The specifics of the law will vary depending on the situation, but the primary objective of the law is to secure the individual’s civil and social rights within the context of the family. For example, in a divorce case, the law will determine the division of assets and liabilities into two equal parts, who will pay spousal support, the child custody law will figure out the best candidate for the guardianship of the child, when the couple is separated.

Domestic violence is an essential part of family law, yet ten times more disturbing and volatile than any of them. Domestic violence can bring intense effect on the victim, yet can likewise influence other family related issues like divorce; therefore it will frequently fall under the umbrella of family law. Moreover, with the existence of violence, it can likewise be viewed as a criminal offense and therefore, a matter of criminal law.

How to settle a family dispute?

There are 3 ways available by which a family dispute can be resolved. In the case of child custody, the most favorable approach is to settle the matter outside the court and harmoniously. If not possible, then family court will be the last resort, and, the third option includes the advice of a mediator, where the couple settles their dispute with the engagement of a third party.