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List of Corporate Legal Procedures in India

Corporate law procedures govern business and commercial transactions

Corporate Law is an assortment of law that is relevant to govern the rights, relations and engagements of two parties in terms of commerce, merchandising, trade and sales. It refers to the laws which are applied to business entities such as partnership. On the other hand, manages the relation between businesses and consumers under the internal rules of the firm. It mainly regulates the formation and operation of business organizations, companies, corporate houses and other commercial practices.

The stipulations of corporate law provide that a company has a separate legal identity, legal rights and legal liabilities, separate from its members, which enables a corporate member to file a lawsuit against a company. Corporate law is similar to business law, but has 5 defining characteristics like:

  1. Separate legal personality of the corporation
  2. Limited liability of the shareholders
  3. Transferrable shares
  4. Delegated management
  5. Investor ownership

Why is it important

Investing in a corporate engagement will serve you best in both positive and negative way. Corporate law helps corporate houses with legal processes and corporate dispute resolutions, governs in business, corporate, and commercial transactions in private and public sectors, help in asserting the legal rights and to know their legal liabilities.

Business laws stipulates how different business can be set up, how taxes apply to them, registrations, documentations and requirements; define different terms pertaining to business, making by-laws, and articles of organization among many others. These also provide the regulatory schemes on how commerce should be conducted.