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List of Consumer Protection Legal Procedures in India

Consumer Protection in India

Consumer protection is a set of laws and organizations, designed to ensure a customer’s rights, and additionally a reasonable exchange of goods, competition and right information in the marketplaces. These are the basic legal rights that an individual possess and keeps in mind while making a purchase of goods and services for direct use or ownership in a store, street market, or more likely at any retail shop.

Consumer protection law is a state or federal law, intended to defend customers against poorly demonstrated, broken, defective, malfunctioned, and unsafe goods and services as well as inequitable trade and credit practices.

These laws are clearly defined as the shield to prevent access of organizations that participate in frauds and unfair practices to collect profit or gaining a competitive edge. They may provide extra assurance to most defenseless of consumers.

Consumer protection is a type of government law or direction that aims to secure the interests of an individual customer and cover’s the qualities of good’s appearance, safety, and durability. It states that the goods and services must represent a pleasing quality and meet the standards of the advertised description in which the good is marketed and also meet all the customer’s expectations in a comparative viewpoint to its price, and warranty period.