Format For Notification And Movement Document

In form no. 6 the format for notification and movement document is given. there are certain information which is provided only in case of notification specifically and the same is provided in case of movement document as well.

In case of notification-

1. Reasons for waste export

2. Exporter of the Waste

3. Generator(s) of the waste and site of generations

4. Importer of wastes

5. Intended carrier(s) of the waste or their agents if Known

6. Exporting Country’s Competent authority, etc

In case of movement document

1. Exporter of the waste

2. Generator(s) of the waste and site of generation

3. Importer of the waste and actual site of disposal

4. Carrier(s) of the waste or his agent(s).

5. Subject of general or single notification, etc

Legal Process Outsourcing This Document

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